Larastan: Discover Bugs in Your Code Before Running It

Larastan is a static analysis command-line tool by Nuno Maduro built on top of PHPStan and focuses on finding errors in your Laravel code before running it. If youve ever used PhpStorm, youve probably experienced static analysis of your PHP code both in realtime and within code inspections.

Introduction to the JSON API

JSON API was originally drafted in May 2013 by Yehuda Katz and reached stable in May 2015, and it is about making your API calls efficient. You can fetch data as you need, adding or removing attributes or relations as your requirements change.

Building Package Installers

I think most of us that have worked with Laravel for a while are very familiar with the package installation process: add the package via composer, register the service provider, publish the config file, update the environment file, hopefully you remember to update .env.example, and after all of that you hope that you didnt miss a step. This often involved copying and pasting from a README and bouncing back and forth between your editor and a browser.

Laravel Console Task

Laravel Console Task is a package by Nuno Maduro that allows you to perform tasks and to output the results to the console. For example, lets say your package comes with a console command that checks for certain requirements to validate that the installation is compatible with your PHP environment: As seen in the above example, the macro returns the result of the closure, which means you can capture the result in a variable if you need to reference the outcome later in your console.

Laravel 5.7.9 Released

Laravel 5.7.9 was released on Tuesday with some changes and fixes, along with a new 401 exception view, new session assertion methods, and PendingResourceRegistration is macroable. First, a new assertion in the TestResponse class called assertSessionDoesntHaveErrors() can be used to ensure that the session doesnt include an error for a given field: You can also use the assertSessionHasNoErrors() assertion to verify that the session doesnt have any errors.

Log Fake for Laravel

Log Fake is a drop-in fake logger for testing with the Laravel framework by Tim MacDonald (@timacdonald). The Log fake package gives you the ability to fake the logger in your application, including the ability to make assertions against channels and stacks introduced in Laravel 5.6.