Laravel 5.7 Mail Localization Improvements

Laravel 5.7.7 is now released and includes both bug fixes and thanks to Derek MacDonald a big improvement to Mail Localization. With the release of Laravel 5.7 the IlluminateNotificationsNotification class started offering a locale method to set the desired language.

Hacktoberfest 2018

Hacktoberfest is back and this year its celebrating its fifth year! For those that are new to Hacktoberfest, it is a month-long festival of supporting and contributing to open-source.

Excel Export for Laravel Nova

A common feature request from clients is the ability to export data to Excel, so they can create their own reports and a myriad of other things. Maatwebsite, the creators of Laravel Excel, recently launched a new Nova package named Laravel Nova Excel for just this purpose.

Honeybadger for Nova

Since the release of Laravel Nova weve seen a lot of cool packages come out and even a whole new site dedicated to listing all the tools available. Based on what you are building with Nova some packages will work better for you than others, but one thing is for sure you should always be keeping up with application errors.

Laravel Mail Viewer

Laravel Mail Viewer is a package by Harish Toshniwal that enables you to view all the mailables in your Laravel application in a single place. The Design and content team members often need access to the emails your app will be sending out to the users.

Safe PHP – Built-In Functions Rewritten to Throw Exceptions

In the project Safe PHP by David Ngrier, all PHP functions that return false are rewritten to throw exceptions instead. The readme describes the problem with functions returning false before exception handling came to PHP: Most PHP core functions have been written before exception handling was added to the language.

Sublime Merge

The folks at Sublime Text surprised us (well at least me) today with a new app called Sublime Mergea git client from the makers of Sublime Text. After typing git add -p in the terminal one too many times, I thought to myself: weve got some pretty great tech in Sublime Text.

Laravel ImageUp

Laravel ImageUp is a package by Mohd. Saqueib Ansari which provides auto Image uploads, resizing, and cropping for Laravel Eloquent models using the Intervention image package.

Datantify: Find Companies and B2B contacts

Datantify is a solution to build contact lists (phone, mail or address data) from many industries & countries with verified data, and all this powered by Vue. Currently, it contains more than 180 countries and 3500 categories with high-quality data of companies developed by innovative big-data solutions which allow the user to get the complete information about the industries directly from their websites.