Laravel 5.7 Guest User Gates

In Laravel 5.6 and below authorization gates and policies automatically return false for unauthenticated users. New in Laravel 5.7, you can now allow guests to go through authorization checks by using a nullable type-hint or setting the default value as null: By using a nullable type hint the $user variable will be null when a guest user is passed to the gate, and you can then make decisions about authorizing the action.

Vue Devtools 5.0 Beta is Here

Guillaume Chau, a member of the core Vue.js team, announced Friday that the Vue.js Devtools 5.0 beta is available for Google Chrome. You can grab the Chrome extension from the Chrome web store.

CSS Playground: A Nuxt.js powered app

When styling with CSS you may not be exactly sure how to create the result you are looking for and often it is more difficult than it seemed to be. Visit CSS Playground before starting creating your own shapes, to learn/play with CSS using sliders.

ZSH Auto Suggestions

ZSH autosuggestions is a stand-alone plugin for ZSH that you can also easily incorporate as a plugin for the popular Oh-My-ZSH Zshell framework. This plugin was created by Eric Freese and supported by various contributors.

Laravel Enum Package

Laravel Enum is a package by Ben Sampson that adds support for creating enums in PHP and includes a generator for Laravel. Heres an example of what an Enum class looks like using this package: Check out the readme for a list of methods and other examples of how to use this package.

A collection of components to display loading spinners in Vuejs projects

Vue Spinners is a project – a port of react-spinners. Over 20 loading spinners, Vue components, are included to find the one that suits you best.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],’vuejsfeed_com-medrectangle-3′,’ezslot_0′])); Demo Sandbox The Demo page has margin and size settings to see live any changes.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],’vuejsfeed_com-box-4′,’ezslot_2′])); Installation Usage There are a number of ways you can use this library!