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Announcing Laravel Events

Laravel Events is a brand new community site that I created with the goal of helping keep the community informed of conferences, meetups, and other events. My goal is to pull over the events for the Laravel News homepage and also integrate with the weekly newsletter.

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Eliminating alert fatigue: a devops secret

Anyone whos been in the devops space is probably familiar with alert fatigue. At the beginning of a devops transformation, engineers set up as many monitors as they can to catch issues before they happen or to understand when things are happening.

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RankScience wants to replace your SEO staff

The darkart of search engine optimization could be next in line for software-powered automation potentially putting hundreds of thousands of SEO consultants out of a job. At least thats the scenario sketched by RankScience, a YC-backed startup just graduating fromacceleratorswinter 2017 program, whose software-as-a-serviceautomates the process of running thousands of A/B tests in order toidentify which changes will improve the Google ranking of customer webpages in organic search results.

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