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Building Package Installers

I think most of us that have worked with Laravel for a while are very familiar with the package installation process: add the package via composer, register the service provider, publish the config file, update the environment file, hopefully you remember to update .env.example, and after all of that you hope that you didnt miss a step. This often involved copying and pasting from a README and bouncing back and forth between your editor and a browser.

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Yarn 1.0 simplifies JavaScript dependency management

Facebooks Yarn, an alternative JavaScript package manager to NPM, has reached a 1.0 release, which features a workspaces capability to ensure the latest code is being used on engineering projects. With workspaces, users transition their code base into a mono-repository to ensure that the most recent code gets used.

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Need cash? Azimo lets recipients sort out money transfer headaches

Azimo is mainly used by immigrants in the Eurozone to send money home to relatives in emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe, West Africa, South Asia, the Philippines and Latin America. Reuters BERLIN: UK-based online money transfer firm Azimo is turning the process of sending remittances on its head by allowing mobile phone and computer users to send cash to any mobile phone number via text message, leaving it up to the recipient to claim the money.

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