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LaRecipe: Documentation with Markdown in Your Laravel Projects

LaRecipe is a code-driven package created by Saleem Hadad that provides an easy way to create beautiful documentation for your product or application inside your Laravel app using Markdown. To get started in your project, you need to install it via composer and run the setup command to publish the necessary assets and configuration: Out of the box, LaRecipe puts your documentation at the /docs URL, and you can version control your documentation alongside your application.

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Final Tech Previews Offer an Almost-Complete Glimpse of Rancher 2.0

DevOps teams or anyone who manages containers can now get their hands dirty testing the final tech previews of container management platform Rancher 2.0 shortly before its launch in a few weeks. Ahead of the availability of the production version of Rancher 2.0 in April, Rancher is releasing the last of Rancher 2.0s tech preview releases.

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Google helps developers bind C++ to Python

Fans of C++ praise its power and speed, but even they admit its complexity can be daunting. That’s true when you’re writing libraries in the language, and it’s doubly true when you want to make C++-authored libraries useful to other languages.

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Arkadium’s InHabit adds interactive content to any story, starting with sports

Arkadium is launching a new product called InHabit, which can automatically introduce polls, quizzes and games that are tailored to each article. When weve written about Arkadium in the past, weve talked about them as a casual gaming company, but CEO Jessica Rovello told me her team has become focused on one specific aspectthat business, namely providing visual interactive content to publishers.

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