A different drumbeat: using Kanban for devops to smooth out your scrum cycles

Software development is all about rhythm. In scrum, different sprints might have different lengths, but they follow a predictable pattern. Plan, execute, test, accept the work, reflect, and repeat. Hopefully devops is an integral part of your development process. But that doesnt mean it should march to the same drumbeat. That multiweek cycle that suits the dev team isnt always a great fit for devops. Thats why devops lends itself to a different workflow than scrum. Much of devopss underlying philosophy descends from Lean and just-in-time manufacturing techniques, where the work cycles are shorter. In these environments, the workflow of choice is Kanban. Kanban breaks jobs down into small, easily completed tasks,often represented by notecards or Post-its (the wordkanbanmeans card in Japanese)arranged in columns on a board or a wall, each representing a different phase of the value chain.

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