Do not hire a devops engineer

Devops culture is quickly gaining ground with companies all over the world and the demand for top notch devops talent is as high as it has ever been. With the base salary for an entry-level site reliability engineer is more than $100,000 annually, IT professionals are hurrying to make the transition into devops. But, if you think about it, the position of devops engineer doesnt really exist nor is it a position or a job title. Do not spend months in searching for mythical devops engineer; it does not exist in the nature. Lets take a closer look and find out why. Devops does not begin with hiring. First of all, secure 100 percent buy-in from other VP-level executives to provide operations improvements and transformations within the company and, in doing so, passing along the baton to the senior executives to accept and meet new challenges. Every VP has to commit on automation, quality, and other strategic changes.

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