Unifying Your Approach to Full-Stack Container Security

Containers are being adopted rapidly by a diverse range of businesses seeking a modularized microservice-based architecture. Containers are highly scalable and allow you to push code out rapidly and frequently. They also enable you to enforce consistent, conflict-free and predictable application deployments. Saving time and cutting costs is highly desirable for any company. According to a Forrester study, 66 percent of organizations saw developer efficiency increase after adopting containers, and 75 percent achieved a moderate to significant increase in application deployment speed. But diverse hybrid cloud infrastructure can present problems for security and compliance. The right security model is essential to remediate risks and ensure your security is not compromised. The earlier security is considered, the better, so the development of DevSecOps is encouraging. But in terms of containers, that crucial first step is to make sure that youre starting with safe images. Check your sources, consider image hardening, and check to confirm that the images youre consuming are free from any known software vulnerabilities. You also need to secure the container host and apply industry standards to secure your infrastructure.

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